Sunday, April 22, 2012

Rockledge Noble Puppy Update

Puppies are now 1 week old and Hilary is currently having fun watching and raising the beautiful litter of 10, sired by Monte and whelped by Kamea on the 14th of April. 

From birth, the puppies have been able to use their sense of smell and touch, which helps them root about the nest to find Kamea's scent-marked breasts.  This is very important since the first milk the mother produces, called colostrum, is rich in antibodies that provide passive immunity and helps protect the pups from disease during these early weeks of life. For the first two weeks these puppies will sleep nearly 90% of the time, spending their awake time nursing.  Kamea has been a exceptional mama in this department making sure that they are all getting enough milk.  Hilary has confirmed that they have double their birth weight when she last weigh them.

The second week of life should bring great changes for these babies, their ears and eyes sealed since birth will begin to open at two weeks and will provide them with a new sense of their surrounding world.  They will learn what their mother and their uncle Polo look like and sound like, at the same time they will be able to go from grunts to yelps, whines and actual barks.  I am sure Hilary will love that.  I am looking forward to seen them stand by the end of this second week and I am sure that Hilary will be posting new pictures of the event.

You are invited to visit Tim & Hilary Farris website at:  to see more pictures and update information of the puppies as they grow.

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end of 1st week

There is no question that these pups are not being fed according to their nutritional needs.  Kamea is makeing sure that she is taking in enough nutients so that her babies will achieve a normal growth by the time they are done nursing.  Young Kamea is a smart girl!