Tuesday, May 3, 2016

2016 Update!

Rockledge & Smiling Dals Breeding:

I have left so many thing out from my blog and will be adding as fast as I can but for now.....I must get to the latest happenings:

After almost 10 yrs I made a decision to whelp a litter which I thought was going to be an exciting breeding for our household.  My challenge was to capture the qualities of one of my favorite show dogs, GCh Rockledge Bring Them Young his call name "Brigham".  He was Rockledge's pride and joy and by my standard and many judges that saw him he was a true showdog with that special "star quality". Several Professional Handlers named him  "bullet proof" for the Conformation ring. He definitely was that and showed his heart out no matter what the weather predicted for shows or how hot it was and whether it rain and didn't cared if the wind was strong enough to lift his ears as he gaited around the ring.

As a lover of the Dalmatian dogs and the sport of showing them as well as being a dedicated Breeder of Merit I began to think about how much fun it would be to breed and whelp a litter one more time and my excitement grew as my husband and I made the decision of using our retired show boy, Brigham.  I could not stop from thinking how lovely a litter might be from Brigham if bred to a pretty young champion female with good health results, temperament and good structure to easily match Brigham's qualities. Well, I found her and the projected pedigree of the anticipated litter from the two chosen dogs could very easily produce the quality we were looking for.

Her name is Ch Dvlstr Smiln Pretty In Pink, call name "Molly" her owner and my co-breeder is John & Karen Whyte of Smiling Dalmatians. Arrangements with my co-breeder were made for the breeding and my whelping the litter.  On September 6, 2015 Molly arrived and after a few progesterone testing she was bred by AI on September 24th, 2015.

Here is a picture of the Sire and Dam with Puppy Pedigree:
On November 21st, 2016 Molly whelped 7 puppies, 2 boys and 5 girls but we lost 1 patched boy on the second day.  There were 5 females, 4 Black and White spotted females and 1 very pretty Liver Bitch. The boy was also a black & white.  The following pictures are the last pictures we took at almost 7 weeks old and before they went home at 8 weeks.

What did we keep? Well it was very difficult since we had several request for show pups as well as companion dogs and we only had 1 male which we at Rockledge were hoping to keep but Galliano, the male went to a nice young fireman and his family with 2 cute little boys.  Karen kept the pretty liver girl who she calls Jaba and hopes to bring her out very soon. The Red girl originally named Irish Cream is now called Kismet, she lives with a young women in Southern California that will also be showing her. The green girl, Kahlua has gone to a great pet home in British Colombia. Tom and I made our choice by keeping the purple girl, who we call Tia Maria and at this time we have the Pink girl, Kona Gold who we are holding for my good friends out of Palm Springs.  She will be the 1st one we will bring out in a few months to the Conformation Ring.

We like to introduce our 2 new Stars at Rockledge:

Kona Gold at 5 months

Tia Maria at 5 months

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Debbie Bennett said...

Beautiful litter!!! Tia Maria is absolutely stunning!!! Kona is beautiful as well!! Congratulations on a lovely litter!!!